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Customer Care

We value your business and confidence that you will be satisfied with your purchase.  We have a tasting room for your wine tastings and the tastings, you will have something small to eat.  The joy of drinking wine is to also enjoy and cleanse the palate with some cheese or bread or a little bit of something.  We value the driver or companion that keep you safe while you enjoy your wine, your companion can have a glass of water or a cup of tea or coffee.  If we have soda or juice, we will serve you soda or juice.  

Privacy & Safety

Personal information safety

We use a secure mode of transaction and will not share your personal, or banking information with any marketing or third-party companies without your consent.

Food consumption safety

We do not allow any other drinks to be brought in and consumed at our tasting room or property.  For consumption of food on our tasting room and property, we allow only with a note of indemnity signed releasing us from any liability in case of illness arriving from consumption of such food that was brought in.

Event safety

For physical or sport events participation, and indemnity has to be signed releasing Four Maples, its owners or staff members from liability in the event of occurrence of injury or accident.

Wholesale Inquiries

We do sell wholesale.  For any inquiries, please contact us by email or call or fill out our contact from.

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards preferred

Offline Payments by checks

Apple or android pay

Payment Methods
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